Memorial Oval Primary School

Canteen Information

The canteen is managed by the canteen sub-committee which is responsible to the School Governing Council and runs financially independent from the school. It employs one paid canteen manager and relies on volunteer help. The canteen follows the Rite Bite Guidelines. The Right Bite Easy Guide assists SA Government schools and preschools to select appropriate food and drink menus to promote healthy eating. Right Bite uses a coloured spectrum of GREEN, AMBER or RED to classify food and drinks according to their nutritional value. If you would like to know more go to the following website: We have a summer menu(Terms 1 & 4) & a winter menu(Terms 2 & 3).

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Canteen Summer Menu 66 kB  Adobe PDF
Canteen Winter Menu  67 kB  Adobe PDF
Price lists are set in the first weeks of Terms 1, 2 & 4 and are available at the school office. As the canteen runs independently we have to pass on the price increases through our menu as the canteen is required to provide appropriate choices and still remain a viable business. Any profit from the canteen goes into either replacing equipment in the canteen or supporting special projects in the school. The canteen only operates on a pre-order lunch system. Students are unable to buy substantial food items over the counter.

Canteen Hours

The Canteen is open daily from 8.30am until 2pm.
Between 8.30am—9am we receive lunch orders.
11.15am—11.50am is school lunch time.
1.20pm—1.40pm is recess.

Placing Lunch Orders

All lunch orders are to be filled out on a brown paper lunch bag with money enclosed. We suggest this is done at home by the parents/caregivers. This avoids money solely being spent on ice creams. When the students arrive at school they place the order into the BLACK LUNCH CRATE in their classroom. The crates are delivered to the canteen by 8.50am. The canteen only receives lunch orders until 9am.

Lunch Bags

Lunch bag entries need to be printed clearly with blue or black pen.
• Name, Room number, Order Total Amount, Change required.
• Bag folded over — not stapled or taped please.
Printed lunch bags are available, by purchasing them directly from the canteen or by through your child’s lunch order. The costs are $2.50 for 50 or 10c on the day. The front office also has lunch bags on hand in 50 bag packs.

Lunch orders after 9am

The canteen comes under the Food & Safety Act and is regularly inspected. With an early lunch in 2015 we have limited time to prepare and heat food items to a safe temperature. To keep within the guidelines we will not be accepting any lunch orders after 9am. If your child has forgotten to place their order before 9am they will be offered a buttered, vegemite or cheese sandwich. If your child is arriving after 9am we suggest you pack their lunch on this day.

No Lunch

Students who have forgotten their lunch will be directed to the front office to ring parents/caregivers. If your child receives a sandwich from the canteen an invoice will be sent home and payment should be made the next day.


The canteen does not run a daily float, as the canteen takings are banked each day for security. We may not be able to give change before the lunch crates come in.

Reheating Foods from Home

The canteen is not able to reheat foods provided from home due to food & safety guidelines.