Memorial Oval Primary School

Bradford St, Whyalla Playford SA 5600

About MOPS

Our Story

Memorial Oval Primary School (or MOPS as it is affectionately known) has as its core values; Respect, Responsibility & Resilience. The school’s moral purpose is to prepare children to be inclusive, well-educated and active citizens who are socially, emotionally and physically healthy.

We aim to develop self-motivated, resilient, life-long learners who can be successful in life. We strive to achieve this through developing high quality teachers to deliver effective learning programs with skills that are transferable across the curriculum, resulting in students who demonstrate the Department for Education’s mandate and goal of; Growth for every child in every class in every school. The school has a strong culture and sense of family and community.

We value relationships and partnership with all members of the school and wider community, regardless of culture, beliefs, demographic or ability. We recognise the importance of everyone and the role they play in supporting the school to achieve our moral purpose. The school actively seeks opportunity to engage curriculum, programs, activities and pedagogy that will strengthen teacher knowledge and skills that in turn, facilitate and impact student learning. We recognise and acknowledge areas for growth and actively and deliberately promote and celebrate our achievements and success.